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  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    4 minutes ago

    Now I know it's is Autumn here in my area of the country, but this sure heats things!!!

  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    5 minutes ago

    Can't have too many"Chest Alert" photos...can we now!!!

  • Linda M. Kelley is friends with Rita
  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    8 minutes ago

    Well, you're a little cutie, aren't you!!!

  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    10 minutes ago

    Maybe my handyman can fix things for!!!

    Sue I have a Fantasy...he's my Window Cleaner & I invite him in!!!! And then....................
    5 minutes ago
  • Jackie Diamondheart is friends with Sue
  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    12 minutes ago

    Do you need any assistance Sweet Daddy??? - feeling happy

  • Antonia Peters is friends with Sue
  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    14 minutes ago

    My hunky gardener is!!!

    Sue He's on loan Betty!!!!! Please can you send him to me next Thursday when I get home!...I need him to work on my raised beds!!!!!!!!!....Lol xxx
    1 minute ago
  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    15 minutes ago

  • sc4diamond commented on this photo

    21 minutes ago

    I like him "life-size"!!!

  • Gerry-girl Nowak
    22 minutes ago

    Hello Again , so nice to see you here again , I hope we have a lot of fun here too - feeling happy

  • Trisha L is friends with Sharon Marie Pink
  • Gerry-girl Antonia Peters
    25 minutes ago

    Hello Antonia , So nice to see you here again , I hope we have fun as good as we had before - feeling happy

  • Gerry-girl Karin Thieme
    28 minutes ago

    Hello Karin , It's nice to have a new friend again ,I hope we have a beautiful time here again , - feeling happy

  • John M. Werczynski shared a photo.
    45 minutes ago

    Neil Diamond in Albany, NY after concert 2008
  • Gerry-girl shared 11 photos in the Neil Diamond .BBC 1971 album
    1 hour 2 minutes ago

  • Melissa B commented on sc4diamond's photo

    1 hour 30 minutes ago

    OMG! He's huge on the front page.

  • jae renee commented on sc4diamond's photo

    1 hour 32 minutes ago

    Hell YEAH!!! =P

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