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  • Bill and Jeff Collins tomz
    24 minutes ago

    Last year a article on Neil states that Katie is trying to persuade Neil to release a CD of his early demos. We've been e-mailing Carl D'Errico, back and forth, Neil's co-writer from 1963-1965 Carl e-mailed and asked us if he should contact Neil to ask him to release a CD of his early demos. We said, "yes", he'll be our spokesman between us and Neil.

  • Bill and Jeff Collins tomz
    31 minutes ago

    Tom, sorry to post late thank you for your birthday wish to us on November 28th. we are no longer with the iais.com message board. We posted a message on the board a couple of years ago that was not bad in anyway. The administrators took it off and bumped us off the iais.com.

  • Melissa B has liked Sue's Photo

  • Sue shared a photo.
    2 hours 17 minutes ago

    Neil in Full Flight!!

  • Sue shared a photo.
    3 hours 32 minutes ago

    I Can See Those Gorgeous S/C Gals!!!

  • Sue shared a photo.
    3 hours 33 minutes ago

    Lucky Linda! Who Will Take Her Place?!!!!!

    Cherry M Me..I just wanted to break it to you all gently!! Lol!
    2 hours 59 minutes ago
  • Jenna jae renee
    4 hours 3 minutes ago

    Hey jae, I want to thank you for liking some of my photos but some of them are imikimi. Plus, I am really new and when I tried to reply to a specific photo that you uploaded, I couldn't find the option. Hope you can bare with me while I learn coz I have been really screwing up my page duh!!! lol Have a great weekend Jenna xo

  • Jenna uploaded a new Profile cover

    6 hours 13 minutes ago

  • Sue shared a photo.
    6 hours 50 minutes ago

  • Cherry M uploaded a new Profile cover

    7 hours 12 minutes ago

  • Cherry M commented on this photo

    7 hours 55 minutes ago

    Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy Neil Year!! xxx

  • Cherry M shared a photo.
    7 hours 56 minutes ago

    Sue Mmmm!! "Happy Neil Year"!.....I Like the Sound of That!!!! Thanks Cherry. Xxx
    7 hours 6 minutes ago 1
  • Monique Versmessen shared a photo.
    8 hours 27 minutes ago

    I wish you all a very nice weekend and a beautiful new week my friends!

  • Christine1 is friends with Jenna
  • Ascension commented on this photo

    10 hours 5 minutes ago


  • Ascension shared a photo.
    10 hours 10 minutes ago

    Sue Gracias Ascension. BSS xxx
    6 hours 56 minutes ago
  • annekevanaalderenkoster shared 2 photos in the annekevanaalderenkoster's Photos album
    11 hours 50 minutes ago

    Very happy Weekend. Hugggs Anneke

  • Sue shared a photo.
    12 hours 1 minute ago

    Santa Claus is Coming To Town!!!!!

    jae renee oooh yeah!!! HO HO HO!! lol
    6 hours 59 minutes ago
  • Nowak shared a photo.
    20 hours 4 minutes ago

    Happy Holidays from Steve Richards Tributes !

    annekevanaalderenkoster Same to you Both
    5 hours 53 minutes ago
  • Nowak shared a photo.
    20 hours 7 minutes ago

    Best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday season !

    Sue Thanks Joyce & I hope you also have a Wonderful Christmas & New Year! Hugs, xxx
    16 hours 16 minutes ago

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