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  • Melissa B
    13 hours 14 minutes ago

    If you are not a member of our community or not logged in as a member, you are missing a lot of activity on the site. Just an FYI...

    Sue Can't Live Without Sweet Caroline Now! Makes me feel closer to Neil! Thanks to Melissa! Xxx
    12 hours 47 minutes ago 1
  • Sue shared a photo.

    Enjoy Some Relaxation Now Neil....You Deserve It!!

    annekevanaalderenkoster He was Great
    THE whole band was Great.
    Thanks for all THE concert s
    19 hours 34 minutes ago
  • NDfan

    Just finished watching the last concert on Periscope from Europe and Neil was awesome as usual. He's looking tired, though, and he and Katie have earned a well-deserved R&R. Hope they have good WiFi down under, although it will be 3 am here in California. I just might have to settle for the replays.

  • Antonia Peters uploaded a new Profile cover


  • Pat Lawrence Melissa B

    Does anyone know if the TV program Neil Diamond One Night Only is available on DVD? What a wonderful show and I love the conversations in between songs -- such a sense of humor. His singing was A+++++

    Pat Lawrence

  • Ascension Sue

    Sue he visto tu mensaje en periscope, pero no he podido entrar. Muchos besitos guapa...

    Sue Sometimes it's difficult to chat on Periscope Ascension! Don't worry we'll chat again here soon. Tonight brought back some wonderful memories! Love, Sue xxx
  • Antonia Peters shared a photo.

    Dearest Neil!
    Thank You that you here with us!
    You and your concerts were just wonderful. I will take it forever in my heart. You are simply the biggest and best singer. for me!
    I will always love and adore you!
    Love Antonia.

  • Cherry M shared a photo.

    Last show tonight...Thank-you Neil for the fantastic shows in the UK. We LOVE you!! xxx

    Sue Oh Yes Cherry! Lovely Pic! I also thank Neil so much...He gave us his all! & We Love Him Very Much & Always Will. Xxx
    yesterday 1
  • Susan Gray shared a photo.

    This was the Blackpool concert venue. As you can see the bar was in the middle of the stadium.

  • Diana1
    2 days ago

    Hi does any one know how many concerts Neil has done and how many left? Been with my dad in hospital , trying to catch up, Thank you

    Diana1 Hi how many did he do so far? Is it gonna be the 74 concerts?
  • annekevanaalderenkoster added a photo image on sc4diamond's wall

    Sue Love this "Action Shot" of Our Guy!! Xxx
  • Teena jabbar
    2 days ago

    I shall c Neil this summer @ Aussie-land.Cheers all.xxx

  • Sue shared a photo.
    2 days ago

    It's Neils Last Day in London tomorrow!!!! (Sigh)!! I'm feeling a Little Bit Of Something Blue!! (Sob)!!!

    annekevanaalderenkoster I never care of THE sound of being alone
    2 days ago
  • Melissa B has liked a Video

    2 days ago

  • sc4diamond added a video.
    3 days ago
    sc4diamond I love this also Sue. He is and always will be utterly gorgeous!! I love his sense of humor...and still so sexy as well!!! Hugs!!!
    2 days ago

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