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Announcement coming July 01/ 2014

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Summer Solstic

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Reply from Fond

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Ladies - here's the answer about Neil - boxers or briefs 10 Replies

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Video/Audio New Neil Song... "Nothing But a Heartache" 19 Replies

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Australian Promo for "The Art of Love" 8 Replies

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Changes Coming to Sweet Caroline 5 Replies

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New recruit 6 Replies

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Neil Diamond highlights

New Video/Audio New Neil Song... "Nothing But a Heartache"

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Changes Coming to Sweet Caroline

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2015 Neil Diamond Tour Dates Announced Sept. 29, per Amazon

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Neil Diamond Takes Guests Down 'Melody Road' at Capitol Studios Listening Party

Neil Diamond's first album for Capitol Records, Melody Road, has met with approval from his co-producers and label executives, but he has a final hurdle: his mother.

More here.

Note: This seems to be available on iTunes and Spotify


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A new poster comes out of lurking and pens a FANtastic blog.

My Late, But Serious, Case of Neilitis



Being at a Neil Diamond Concert

Being at a Neil Diamond concert is an experience any fan won’t easily forget. From the moment you enter the arena with the excitement building to the moment the band takes the stage you can feel the electricity in the air. When Neil sings the first note, the entire arena erupts like a volcano that has been building and waiting for a release for years. As the consummate performer, Neil Diamond plays his audience like an instrument that has been finely tuned and made just for him. He creates the perfect atmosphere of a romantic night with a new lover playing his audience gently, sweetly, and moving slowly. Then, at just the right time he takes us to a climax bringing us with him on each beat of his music and dance that was meant for only this night.

A Quote from Neil Diamond about the concert experience

"The concert experience is also very much like making love. There's that interplay which requires an openness to begin with, there's the interplay during the actual act of lovemaking, there's built-in excitement and intensity which only increases, the feeling of love and warmth and excitement.

"The concert performance does reach a climax at some point, so I think the act of love is a good comparison."

Sun Telegraph - March 1977


The human voice is the most important instrument at our disposal, yet it is one of the most difficult to understand or define.

You either hear it, or you don't. It either moves you, or it leaves you cold...it is more than just a sound...it is the soul itself.

Neil Diamond, 1974.

"I guess I've always a been a kind of a ham and and a little bit of an exhibitionist."

From an interview here.

When Neil Diamond takes the stage, he owns it...

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Our Favorite Neilisms

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