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  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    39 minutes ago

    Neil & Magic Johnson

    sc4diamond Neil and very tall (6 foot 9 inch) Magic Johnson are all smiles! South Carolina was graced with Mr. Johnson visiting our state and speaking at SC State University during a lecture series yesterday. While here, he talked a little University of South Carolina women's basketball. His sister Evelyn played basketball for the University of South Carolina's Women's Basketball team from 1979-1983. Here's the link to an article related to his visit and his thoughts: www.gogamecocks.com/2015/03/26/694970/…
    31 minutes ago
  • Linda M. Kelley Estrella P
    1 hour 23 minutes ago

    Happy Birthday Estrella - have a great day!!!

  • sc4diamond added a photo Happy Birthday Estrella!!! on Estrella P's wall

    sc4diamond Happy Birthday Estrella!!! I hope you have a beautiful birthday! I wish you many more happy, healthy, and safe birthdays in the future! Hugs and Lots of Love!-Betty
    2 hours 1 minute ago
  • Diana1 shared 4 photos in the Diana1's Photos album
    3 hours 4 minutes ago

    Brooklyn, Ny Pictures

  • Diana1
    5 hours 25 minutes ago


  • Antonia Peters shared a photo.
    5 hours 37 minutes ago

    Dear Neil friends!
    Neil's "Melody Road" journey goes on and on.
    With every performance our "Diamond" to appeal to, is getting brighter and brighter.
    Your lucky ones who were able to experience our Neil life already. But I and everyone else is in anticipation and count down the days until Neil shines for us!
    I wish us all a nice and relaxing weekend.
    "And Neil goes on and on ..!"NeilLove

  • Sue shared a photo.
    8 hours 53 minutes ago

    Have A Great Weekend Diamondheads!! Enjoy the Concerts...Sounds as though Neil is as Fabulous as Ever!! Love, Sue xxx

    Cherry M Safe Journey x
    5 hours 2 minutes ago
  • Sue added a photo image on Estrella P's wall

    Sue Happy Birthday Estrella! I hope you have a Wonderful Day! Love, Sue xxx
    8 hours 55 minutes ago
  • Annelie has liked Sue's Photo

  • Diana1 shared a photo.
    19 hours 48 minutes ago

  • Sue shared a photo.
    20 hours 59 minutes ago

    Do you think these girls know who they're sitting next to??!!!!!!

    Cherry M Doesn't look like it, but he was being filmed so I would have thought the camera would have made them take a second look at least..
    19 hours 49 minutes ago
  • Sue shared a photo.
    21 hours 1 minute ago

    More "Yummiliciousness"!!! That's my New Word!!...Lol xxx

    Sue Great one to have on your wall Cherry! Here's the Neil Pic I have framed & he's watching me all the time!!! Xxx
    19 hours ago 1
  • Gerry-girl uploaded a new Profile cover


  • Gerry-girl uploaded a new Profile cover


  • Diana1


    Diana1 I didn't find the HOAX on FB, I always google to see what's going n with Neil and it came up.
    20 hours 3 minutes ago
  • Diana1 shared 2 photos in the Diana1's Photos album

    sc4diamond LOL!!!
    18 hours 51 minutes ago
  • Diana1 shared a photo.

    sc4diamond I hope you have a blast!!!
    22 hours 22 minutes ago
  • Sue shared a photo.

    Here's Our "Treasure Chest" Betty!!!!

    sc4diamond Oh yeah Sue!!! Me too!!!!!
    22 hours 30 minutes ago
  • sc4diamond shared a photo.

    Sweet Daddy's Going To Rock Our World!!!

  • Sue shared a photo.

    "Rock On"!!!!!

    sc4diamond Another good "Chest Alert" photo Sue!!!...love it!!!

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