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  • annekevanaalderenkoster
    1 hour 45 minutes ago

    Hi. Friends.
    Sue make. My header. After Gerry girls. Daughter make THE screen shot from a clip
    Who Gerry took from me. Wenn i gave Neil a hand
    Thanks so much my friends for making. This to a Great memory.
    For me
    Huggsss. Annneke

  • annekevanaalderenkoster
    1 hour 48 minutes ago

    Hi friends.
    THE header photo was maked. By Gerry Girl s daughter. Sue make me a header
    From iT. Gerry took THE clip iTS for me an amazing memory from THE concert
    Thanks dear friends for making. This
    Huhhsss. Anneke

  • annekevanaalderenkoster uploaded a new Profile cover

    1 hour 50 minutes ago

  • Diana1
    1 hour 56 minutes ago

    Hi does anyone have the pictures of Koln and Belfast, I copied them and there all pixled!!

  • Cherry M
    5 hours 33 minutes ago

    One week tonight....

    Sue Fantastic Cherry!! & 10 long days for me!!!!!!!!!!! Xxx
    4 hours 37 minutes ago 2
  • Sue shared a photo.
    11 hours 14 minutes ago

    Happy 4th July to All My Friends In The USA!! Xxx

  • Mags
    20 hours 9 minutes ago

    Meant to tell you all of my "Panic Attack"- I had thought I printed tickets for the shows- had 4 tickets, but a couple of hours before realised I had printed 2nd show twice!! Pure panic- the kindly receptionist at the hotel took control and went online and printed them out! What am I like....nervous wreck after! - feeling relieved

    Sue I'd have had Kittens Mags!!! Lol!! All's Well That Ends Well, so glad you had a Wonderful Time! Xxx
    3 hours 41 minutes ago
  • Mags shared a photo.
    21 hours 58 minutes ago

    Concerts in Belfast were brilliant - best yet!! The craic was great and everyone sang along and danced for most of the night! Sweet Caroline took over on its own- he just stood there on stage while we all sang! Watched some of Dublin show and same atmosphere- we must be rowdier here in Ireland. Don't know why Belfast wasn't streamed as the venue has wifi. I'm still on cloud 9 - feeling happy

  • Ascension
    22 hours 48 minutes ago

    Neil Live from Germanywww.periscope.tv/w/…

    Ascension Irlanda...
    21 hours 47 minutes ago
  • Sue shared a photo.

    Happy Weekend Everyone! Enjoy The Concerts & Show Our Guy How Much We Love Him!!

    Christine1 Thanks Sue, Have a great weekend yourself xxx
    19 hours 46 minutes ago
  • Diana1

    Happy birthday Jackie, hope you have a wonderful day!

  • annekevanaalderenkoster Jackie Diamondheart

    Hi jackie. Have a freat day. Huggs Anneke

  • annekevanaalderenkoster uploaded a new Profile cover


  • annekevanaalderenkoster uploaded a new Profile cover


  • annekevanaalderenkoster uploaded a new Profile cover


  • annekevanaalderenkoster uploaded a new Profile cover


  • annekevanaalderenkoster uploaded a new Profile cover


  • Sue added a photo image on Jackie Diamondheart's wall

    Sue Happy Birthday Jackie, I Hope you have a lovely, Diamond of A Day! Love, Sue xxx
  • sc4diamond added a photo Happy Birthday Jackie D!!! on Jackie Diamondheart's wall

    sc4diamond Happy Birthday Jackie D!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I wish you many more happy, healthy, and safe birthdays in the future! Hugs and Lots of Love!-Betty

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