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  • Trisha L is friends with Jackie B
  • sc4diamond added a photo Absolutely Georgeous! on Maggie M's wall

  • Trisha L is friends with Gerry-girl
  • sc4diamond is friends with DiamondLori
  • Maggie M is friends with DiamondLori
  • Trisha L is friends with Jackie Diamondheart
  • annekevanaalderenkoster shared a photo.
    1 hour 42 minutes ago

    Hi my friends want to wish you all a very good day hugggs Anneke

  • annekevanaalderenkoster sc4diamond
    1 hour 48 minutes ago

    Hi Betty thanks for being my friend again
    Hope we all have a Great time here with Nice comments and photo s Have a Great day. Hugggggs Anneke

  • annekevanaalderenkoster added a photo image on sc4diamond's wall

  • Trisha L is friends with Cherry M
  • Maggie M Trisha L
    1 hour 59 minutes ago

    Well, that was an interesting experiment! I just clicked on the Add Photo on YOUR page and added a photo to your page here. I guess Betty already figured that out. She's a smart gal! Glad we're still friends and now that we have to start over we can have all sorts of new fun. Hugs!

    Trisha L Thanks Maggie! It will take a while to work out how this new site works. It's a shame all our previous photos and videos have gone tho.
    1 hour 48 minutes ago
  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    1 hour 59 minutes ago

    He is so photogenic...also very sexy!!! - feeling happy

    Cherry M 'Like' doesn't really express my feelings for this man, but I clicked it anyway! lol Thanks Betty
    1 hour 56 minutes ago 1
  • Maggie M added a photo 1970sNeil on Trisha L's wall

    Trisha L Thanks Maggie, an nice welcome for my new home page!
    1 hour 50 minutes ago
  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    2 hours 6 minutes ago

    Do you need some help with that soundcheck Sweet Daddy?

    Melissa B "Lordy!"
    34 minutes ago
  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    2 hours 8 minutes ago

    He's looking mighty fine!!!

  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    2 hours 10 minutes ago

    Oh my, here's one for the belt collections out there!!! - feeling excited

  • Nowak is friends with Trisha L

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