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  • Gerry-girl shared a photo.
    3 hours 41 minutes ago

    I wish you all a wonderful weekend and Neil a good start of the World tour , we wait impatiently for us to hear and see him , Love & Hugs , Gerry xxx

    Gerry-girl Thamks Christine and a good night too Sue ....write tou soon , Love , Gerry xxx
    2 hours 21 minutes ago
  • Cherry M
    4 hours 33 minutes ago

    There is a repeat of 'Neil Diamond For One Night Only' on ITV this Sunday 1st March in the UK at 12.45pm

  • sc4diamond
    4 hours 36 minutes ago

    If anyone is interested in getting a Neil Diamond Hybrid Tea Rose via online you can go to Brecks.com. They are on sale through February 28th, 2015 (tomorrow)!!!

    Here's the link: www.brecks.com/product/Hybrid_Tea_Rose_S152-A1Plants/…

  • sc4diamond shared a photo.
    5 hours 15 minutes ago

    I just ordered my Neil Diamond Hybrid Tea Rose bushes today...can't wait to get them so I can plant them in my yard!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

    Sue I would LOVE a couple of these Beautiful Rose Bushes!
    I wish I could get them in England! Does anyone know if they are available in the UK? Xxx
    2 hours 58 minutes ago
  • Sue shared a photo.
    7 hours 10 minutes ago

    Happy Touring Neil!...We Love You!!

  • Sue shared a photo.
    7 hours 13 minutes ago

    Gorgeous Man!!

    Christine1 Have a great weekend Sue with your dream guy!! xxx
    2 hours 54 minutes ago
  • Linda M. Kelley shared 2 photos in the sweeetcaroline.com album
    9 hours 16 minutes ago

    Neil's Pics
  • Linda M. Kelley shared a photo.
    11 hours 27 minutes ago

    Neil's Pics
    Christine1 "Come into my parlour" said Neil "Oh yes!!!!!" said all of us SC girls!! Great pic Linda xxx
    3 hours ago
  • Antonia Peters shared a photo.
    14 hours 9 minutes ago

    Neil, tonight You give your first concert! So now your world tour 2015.gegins. We, your fans, can hardly stand to finally see you live again! I wish us all a wonderful tour start. As always, there will be an unforgettable evening for us all. Neil we love you and we thank you that you come to us!
    God bless you, Antonia.

    Linda M. Kelley That was lovely Antonia!!!
    11 hours 56 minutes ago
  • Sue shared a photo.
    18 hours 12 minutes ago

    Happy Weekend Everyone!! Good Luck on Tour Neil...Can't Wait To See You!!! Xxx

    Linda M. Kelley Good weekend to you too Sue!! I like everyone else will be thinking about our guy as he starts his very long tour. What an exciting year this is going to be for all of us SC fans as we continue to follow him as he goes along and wish him the very best.xxoo
    11 hours 49 minutes ago
  • play me phyll

    So excited for the Neil concert tomorrow in Allentown, PA

    play me phyll Is anyone going to the concert tomorrow?
  • Cherry M shared a photo.

    Cherry M Yes Sue, suddenly it doesn't seem so long to go!! xxx
    5 hours 42 minutes ago
  • Melissa B commented on Shilo's photo


    It's about to begin!

  • Melissa B has liked Shilo's Photo

  • Linda M. Kelley shared 2 photos in the sweeetcaroline.com album

    Neil's Pics
    sc4diamond Oooh...Sweet Daddy, I detect that shirt has a zipper down the front...oh my, my, my...well that leads us into all kinds of fantasies for the evening..lol!!!
    3 hours 31 minutes ago
  • Linda M. Kelley has liked Linda M. Kelley's Profile

  • Linda M. Kelley commented on this photo


    SC fans: This pic was taken while they were recording Melody Road. The guy on the right is Oren, the Water sisters brother who took Linda's place.

  • Peter Rogers

    Just found out the main man Neil Diamond is finally coming back to Australia and Perth Western Australia at the Sandalford Estate in the Swan Valley is the venue for the concert on Saturday November 14 2015.....woo hoo now just to wait for the tickets to go on sale

  • sc4diamond uploaded a new Profile cover


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