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Wonderful Picture.


Look at the name on the bottom of the photo. - Congratulation??!!

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what do you mean you received a post on fb from the Neil Shevy?  I am a bit puzzled because generally on fb when you comment on a post, you get a notification every time someone else posts, but this doesnt happen when I comment on one of Neil's posts.

Ok! Now that I know that the whale is O.K. (what the hell went through my mind for a minute!) I send Neil my best wishes for his wedding! (Why he never married Rae in the first place is still a mistery, but.....) Congrats to our first guy, before Obama, sorry, out there! Neil have fun!!!! And enjoy life while you still have it!!!!

It's so nice they did it!! Even though it's no big surprise. There ist a big break between the Hawaii shows and the 1. June, when the tour is going to continue. So what? ;O)

I love his special way to let us know. ;O)

Congratulations! Katie McNeil Diamond - what a special name - love it!

I am not 100% convinced they married in Hawaii, Neil announced his engagement, so you would think he would announce his marriage too.  The pic says at the bottom copyright.... so it could be Katie setting up accounts, not sure how copyright works, in her future married name to make it easier not to have to change her name again.

I'm sure they did it. I never saw a name or copyright note before on one of theirs pics ... ;O)

However - I wish him a marvellous life with his both great loves - his music and Katie..... congratulations to this beautiful couple. Did anybody of you out there already see a picture of both?

Well thats kind of what I thought, Trisha, but I hope they have done it. I cant stand waiting for it to happen.... now I hope its done and dusted...

Katie McNeill Diamond.  That sounds a bit like Heather Mills McCartney doesn't it?

I dont think Neil and Katie will go the same way as Paul and Heather.  I was about to list some reasons, but we dont know them so its all gut feeling... Heather is a fairly nasty piece of work who has lied consistently thruout her life, Paul was besotted I feel and married on the rebound and didnt see Heather for who she really is.  Oh dear I suppose the same could be said for Neil but hopefully not.  He may not have been on the rebound from Rae but ended the relationship himself.

This doesn't surprise me.  When I saw he was going to do those 2 concerts in HI my instincts told me he would marry there.  He's not the type to make a big splash about it.  Although I read he was going to marry in the spring before his summer tour. Obviously, they have changed their plans.  It's still kind of a strange way of letting his fans know given the way he made such a big deal out of getting engaged. All in all I wish them the best.  At least now he isn't alone anymore which counts for something.

My thoughts exactly when I saw those Honolulu concerts announced.  I thought perhaps it would be a Valentine's Day Wedding just before the first concert.  In any case, I doubt Katie would put Diamond after her name before they actually got married.  What I was wondering was how long does it take to get a copyright?  Cause that seemed a little quick!  

Does anybody else remember when Neil tweeted "a night off between shows" and there was a table with various things on it (is this the one some of you are talking about with the champagne glasses?)  There was a unopened bottle of champagne and a bunch of other stuff--anyway, I remember thinking, "there's a girl in the room with Neil and she decorated the right side of the table and Neil did the left" because the right side was very neat and tidy and girly with Berries to dip in some chocolate sauce and the left had some clutter, empty coke bottles and broken potato chips (crisps?).  It almost seemed like there was a line drawn down the middle, it was that obvious to me.  I wish him health and happiness!  

It still puzzles me tho as to why he hasnt announced it, if they are married.  Its not the kind of thing you can keep secret, and why would they want to.  He announced the engagement.  I cant see any probs with announcing it, this is why I am still not convinced they are married.  He announced the engagement publicly thru twitter, and then gave  no interviews, so if he doesnt want to talk about the wedding details publicly which he probably doesnt, he could handle it the same way as the engagement.

Maybe this was his way of announcing it???  :-)


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