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There's something metaphysical about looking at any Neil Diamond photograph - it's almost like you can reach into the photo and 'feel' his face 3 dimensionally (know what I mean ? ) ;)

Anybody else have this sensation ???

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Lovely post Jackie, I am always interested to hear about the effect Neil has on people, and I love his qualities of warmth and love, that you picked up from his eyes.  I have just read about his forthcoming Hawaii concert, and this is what he said about performing:

As for live performance, “What I enjoy most are the audiences,” he said. I like seeing the smiles on people’s faces. I like it when they enjoy the music. I’m there to see them, and they’re there to see me. It’s a win-win situation!”

You can see from this that he doesnt have the usual ego filled drive that many performers have when its all about them, and the audiences are only there to make them feel good, obviously Neil benefits this way too, but he also focuses so much on giving joy to the audience.  In fact he said its what he enjoys most, so it seems to matter more to him than the usual egoic need to get applause.

OMG I had exactly the same dream Jackie!! About 3 wks ago!... It was so intense I thought it was real!! How strange... The fingers running through my hair... Looking into his eyes... We kissed.. but a warm sensual feeling... How strange?... 
It was a very intense feeling of warmth and love... I wonder what is happening here?? Is he reaching out to us? I wonder if this wedding will happen?... 

Maybe he IS reaching out... I do want Neil to be happy....but I just don't know.... I think he wants so much to have a close, loving relationship with a woman--and he has not always been successful at that.

I just don't think that any woman who truly loves Neil would (or should) want to be controlling of his behavior at concerts or in tweets, etc. What is wrong with kissing a fan? That is suggestive of an insecure woman...one who tries to "make" him be a certain way to fit her expectations.  True love allows the other to fly as high as possible, and as freely as possible, and permits one to be true to him/herself. That's the Neil we love. :-)

Does anyone else ever look at a picture of Neil and reach out and 'touch" his face on the computer screen? I do it quite often. It never occurs to me to do this with any other celeb's face.
Yep! I have his pic on my desktop so everymorning when i turn on my computer there he is waiting!! LOL  I tap his face and say Good Morning Sweet Daddy!! LOL
On my desktop at work and at home...   :-)   He always makes me smile.  LOVE him!

oh, yes, that's why I started this discussion...lol

Figured, it couldn't be just me...

excellent topic - thanks for starting it!

Yes, very interesting topic.

I could feel in general strong energy and emotions in the videos of the summer tour.

I think this is caused by Neil’s and our awareness that this could have been the last tour. Probably he was therefore still more emotional and wanted to give really all of himself and show his deep love for us fans and we responded in the same way what created an immense energy field of love.

When watching live videos I can sometimes “be” into him, feeling the emotions while singing to the audience and the happiness this gives.

Also for example in the different live performances of “Holy holy” I can feel so much emotion, like a holy song, a mystical experience like I fly and his emotions mix with mine.

Because I was focused most of the time of his voice, pictures I still have not really tried but I should do this, too, reading what you’ve experienced ;)

Anyhow all of Neil have the vibe of love and strong emotions. And maybe especially those of us who are bonded with him like a family member since decades and were getting old together feel even more the limited time we can spend together live and makes the sensation stronger. But as earlier some wrote: Neil will be with us through his music, videos and his photos forever.

I hope I could describe my sensations comprehensible with my rusty English :(

Hmm Shilo.... I agree with you and Jackie...it's very strange that we are not just 'fans'.... I think that 'we Diamondheads' are a very powerful force!!!...not to be reckoned with!!! Lol...this fan site is no ordinary site!!! Hehe....it's a very strong communication  link between all of us!! Containing info and thoughts of a very personal and emotional capacity..maybe we should all tune into Neil together at the same time and date and see what we get?? Could be interesting!!

Yes, I would be curious if/what happens.


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