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Do you have a favourite scene in "The Jazz Singer"?

I love the beach scene & "Hello Again" as it's my favourite song. But my favourite scene has to be the last one where he sings "America". I find it uplifting & exciting probably because it's Neil playing Neil & doing what he does best!

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I like the 'Hava Nagila' bit but then I might be a bit biased because I love that version of the song. :D
My favirite is on the beach , with the little child and Neil , with beard , sings Hello Again and this is also my favorite song and the part when his father has come to see him , America !
As you can see Gerry, we have exactly the same favourite scenes! Also the same favourite song "Hello Again". It's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Lol.
It's the song who brings tears in my eyes and my children don't want to hear it because it's the last what the hear of me !
I love that song and now also , one more bite of the apple !
oooooooh one forgotten , Hell Yeah !
There is nothing better than seeing a man hold a baby on the beach...my favorite...Neil and the beach baby scene...he does it so lovingly...he has had lots of practice...


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