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Does everyone know Neil besides, being the most handsome and magical person on the planet is also 6 ft tall, I always thought he was short,  but our very own Sweet Caroline-Neil impersonator David J. Sherry had his picture taken with Neil, couldn't believe how tall he is.  I always thought short...felt sorry for him (a little) because he was short. now I find out he's tall--I like tall--love him even more because he's tall.  I have no problem with short, I myself am not tall, medium height for a woman, but my husbands is short for a man--and other short men always seem intimidated by taller men. I always wished-- for Neil, that he were taller and he IS.....Damn Sam-----could he be anymore wonderful ? Now don't forget he has those magnificent brown/green Hazel eyes... Oh Yeah !!!  And then those sumptuous lips, plump and ever so kissable Oh Yeah !!!---The hairy chest took me a while to love, I'm not really crazy about ape/like men.  But since I saw that pic with Neil and his shirt open, I love that hairy chest, but only Neils. How can one man have so many things going for him at one time ? -- and on top of all that gorgeousness he is a monumental award winning Singer/songwriter......

That's why I'm on this site and that's why all the rest of us are on this site.  Thank you Melissafor making this Neil Diamond Website so magical and informative--we all love you for all your hard work........and making our site the BEST on the INTERNET........Wahooooo..love n hugs ...Alyce V

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In an interview a few years back, Neil himself said he was 5"11&1/2" tall.  DIamond said he ALMOST made 6' but not quite. Can't remember the magazine presently,if I do, I'll let you know.

Thanks for the input Richard---but I believe you ---- have a great Friday.....Alyce V
I read something personal about him a while ago,and it was said that he is 6ft 1 inches tall.
Ladies forget it!!!! You will all have to get in line behind ME lol

yes he would have to teavh me how to dance first but i would not care as long as  he is in my arms

I am puzzled you thought Neil was short Alyce, he always seems taller than most of the others in pix.  He probably has lost a couple of inches in height tho due to age, most of us do, its down to bone thinning.  I hope Neil is taking calcium tablets! I have been taking them for decades and I dont think I have lost any height altho its hard to be sure.  A great asset to being tall is having long legs, they are one of Neil's many good features!

I agree with you about hairy chests, I didnt used to like them but on Neil it is a good feature. I think what happens is that when you really like another person, you like their qualities because its them, even tho you may not like them in another person.

I am also a fan of Marc Bolan of T Rex, and he was very short only about 2 inches taller than me.  I liked that in him because it means that when you are with a man about the same height as yourself, you are level with his eyes, which I really like.  But I wouldnt want Neil to be shorter just because if I met him (!) I would be on a level with his eyes...  it just wouldnt be Neil if we could change him to only 5' 4"!  Just like it wouldnt be Marc Bolan if we could have changed him to 6'

II read 6' and I believe thar's how tall he is.  Notice the times he got up on stage i.e. at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (he towered over Paul Simon).  Also how tall he looked coming on stage at the Billboard Icon Award ceremony.

I always thought way back when, that he was short too....but I also thought Kevin Costner was short. Turns out they are both the height of my hubby!
Actually, do you know how I found out he was so tall? on February 18 at the concert in Honolulu! If you see the video it's totally dark while his band plays Soolaimon and then the light flashes on and he's standing in the light with his arm up in the air. Whooohooo, goose bumps! Then he starts moving his long legs forward, strumming his guitar, walking to the front of the stage. I would've fainted but I wanted to see his show! *giggles*

I know that moment, Merle. My heart rate went through the roof at that same moment when I saw him in June last year in the UK.  Oh Joy! I love you Neil!

Cherry, I think it's so amazing that we feel so deeply. I mean I know that his entire performance is perfectly choreographed but that casual long legged walk to the front of the stage strumming his guitar just made my jaw drop to the floor flowing with a flood of drool! Lmao!

What the heck is it about this man? LOL! (rhetorical question of course)


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