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At 1:31pm on September 15, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…
Hi dear Sue
Wooow i try to sent you a week Message but was throw of s c 2 times i think Melissa is already changing THE site but now i am on hahaha want to wish you a very Great week
With a lot of good weather here iTS warm THE flowers are very dry
Had today give them a lot of water hahaa enjoy dear huggs Anneke Made with FreeOnlinePhotoEditor.com
At 5:24am on September 15, 2014, Christine said…

Yes Sue I just made it to work today! I couldn't really explain why I was late or why I had a smile on my face that was entirely unrelated to a Monday morning just before a day of teaching teens!!! Thankyou for that pic of Neil, he has one of those "looks" he does so well! No wonder he has been so hugely successful and at the "top of the tree". Have a great day xx

At 6:28pm on September 14, 2014, Christine said…

One last comment before I race off to work...Neil has made me late-again!!! xxx

At 4:38pm on September 14, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Hello Sue , here is that face for you that beautiful face with those beautiful eyes what  you LOVE so much , you can look at him now if you open your page , I send you a mail tomorrow , sweet dreams for tonight and strength with the mess sweetie , Love and hugs , Gerry xxx

At 8:05am on September 14, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Hello dear Sue ,
How is it at home now , still a mess or is it a little bit better already and is the end near and the kitchen almost ready for cooking and to enjoy from all the new things...I hope so for the both of you ...you will be tired eh cleaning and again a mess and so on....I'm thinking of you... a lot ...I know it so well pffff
Have a good Sunday and a wonderful new week sweetie , soon we hear some new beautiful noise from our guy eh , Love and hugs , Gerry xxx

At 7:35am on September 11, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…
Hi Sue
Thanks so much for THE avatar dear love iT Xxxxxxx hugggs Anneke
At 5:41pm on September 10, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…
Hi dear Sue
Thanks so much for THE beautifull photo i just put one on from this afternoon from Jimi and me wooow but i think THE one you sent me is so good hahahaha change again ???????haha wish you a very Great night for later huggggs Anneke
At 4:26pm on September 10, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…
Made with FreeOnlinePhotoEditor.com Hugggs Anneke
At 5:42am on September 9, 2014, Hannie said…

Hi Sue

How are you now a days? It has been a little while since I sent a comment, but here I am. Just one more month to go and then finally we will get the new album of our guy..!! There was an article in Billboard about it, nice to read.I guess you've read it too. It's a cloudy day overhere right now but atleast it's dry. We had so much rain in Agust , hardly did n't go to the lakehouse because of the bad weather.

Have a fine week en hopefully with lots of sunshine

lots of Neil hugs


At 1:24pm on September 6, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…
Hi dear Sue
Wooow dear a New kitchen and now diner out i think o m a Mess dear we are Getting a New part of THE kitchen but thats a Mess to every were you See dust calk and
You can enjoy THE dust for months hope iT Will soon a very Nice kitchen we have a small kitchen and i like to Cook but iTS so small i saw THE kitchen from Gerry woooow i love to Cook there hahahaha wish you a very good weekend dear huggggs Anneke Made with FreeOnlinePhotoEditor.com
At 5:23pm on September 5, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Hello Sue , I wanna wish you a wonderful weekend , I think you're exhausted having all that mess in your house , did you got my answer on that lovely video ...I hope so , I wrote you immediately after seeing it ! That was tear tracking so sweet !
Have a quiet weekend sweetie  Neil  watch over you.... .lol...just a little time and you're so glad ! I send you an e-mail soon , Love and hugs , Gerry xxx

At 4:46am on September 5, 2014, Cherry M said…

Thank you Sue...yummy yummy!! Have a lovely day..xxx

At 10:27pm on August 31, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…
Hi dear Sue
Hope youve had a Great time and enjoy. Your weekend
THE weather was with a lot of wind
Hope you d d n t care THE wind L o l and stayed on your feet hugggs Anneke
At 11:47am on August 31, 2014, Lynn Foy said…

08/312014  Sue, Hope you are enjoying your adventure.  I have no idea

what you are doing,(but boat & water) It is USA Labor Day Week-end, and I think you are having more fun. You are a busy girl! Your friend thru NEIL, LynnFoy

At 1:01pm on August 30, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Hello dear Sue , I hope you have a great time sweetie en maybe you forget to look on Sweet Caroline.....but I doubt that ...lol. have a wonderful weekend with your Hubby and enjoy as much as possible , I think of you !
Love and big hugs ,
Gerry xxx

At 4:26am on August 29, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…
Hi dear Sue. Wow Girl wish you a very great time THE weather here is also good and next week summer again Enjoy It dear hugggggggs Anneke
At 5:36pm on August 28, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Hello dear Sue , Here is that hot pic for you ...it's to dream about eh and no nightmare...but take care , not to long ...think at your blood pressure . I thought you could have some excitement after a week with your Mum but little by little, not too much at once...lol
Sweet dreams sweetie , Love and ugs , Gerry xxx

At 4:49pm on August 27, 2014, Lynn Elizebeth said…

Hi Sue, My gosh you have an amazing looking page. This must have been really planned out well. Gorgeous!!!!! Also like the pics you have up as I've not been here for awhile. Lynn :-)

At 5:59am on August 27, 2014, Christine said…

Hi Sue, my computer keeps sending my emails to Spam, don't know why but I was wondering why I had suddenly stopped receiving emails!! Must sort it out, computers can be a blessing and a curse can't they?:) Spring is finally on it's way, we had a very cold (for us) Winter and a bit of warmth and longer days is welcome. I am sorry to hear your beautiful Summer is fading, you will just have to curl up with the new cd and a warm fire. Enjoy the rest of your week, love, Christine xxx

At 3:41pm on August 26, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…

hi dear sue welcome back on s c again back from mam

did you have a good time dear ?????? how was the weather ??????

i saw that you got the vid in its my first hahahaha did you like it ????????

i am a beginner haahahhaa but i did like it hope you have a great eve ning

huggggs annneke

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