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At 4:23pm on July 30, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…

hi dear sue

thank you so much for making me an avatar again its so beautifull thanks so much for it dear wish you a great evening  huggs anneke

At 9:08am on July 27, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Hello dear Sue , I wanna send a pic yesterday but Compose didn't work ...so now a pic for you for the Sunday , have a wonderful day and also a wonderful week , we had some Thunderstorm yesterday but not much , it's still warm again but...no complains ( lol )
 I hope we have a better week as the last one ...it was a sad week eh , speak you soon again sweetie , Love and hugs , Gerry xxx

At 9:11pm on July 26, 2014, Christine said…

Hi Sue, I thought I would send a few photos of my garden such as it is...oh-AND a pic of our favourite gardener! We have some sun today and I am attacking those weeds and enjoying being outside. Hope you are enjoying your sun, love, Christine x

At 3:44pm on July 25, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…

hi dear sue thanks so much for the beatifull photo you sent me wooow what a pretty one we have today a little cooler weather in the 20 so its a nice feeling

was on my garden yesterday in the evening and there are a lot flowers in potss gone and my basket ohhhhh what sad but the roses are so nice so we gave a lot of water it d d n t rain today may be tomorrow want to wish you a very great evening dear hugggs anneke

At 5:59am on July 25, 2014, MM said…

Those are very clever speakers, Sue.  What fun!  I hope you have many hours of enjoyment with them and Neil in your yard!  Hugs, MM

At 9:11pm on July 24, 2014, MM said…

Hey Sue, I was just posting a message for Trisha on her page and saw a picture of your garden.  How beautiful!  I can see Neil's been spending a lot of time helping you with all those plants and it's just spectacular.  Just had to compliment you on it, I know it's a lot of hard work to get those kinds of results.  Have a great day!  Hugs, Maggie

At 9:07am on July 24, 2014, sc4diamond said…

Hey Sue...Here's a little something to help brighten your day.  Hugs and Lots of Love!-Your friend always, Betty

At 2:42pm on July 23, 2014, Gerry-girl said…
Hello dear Sue ,
Thank you for your kind words, it was quite impressive, goosebumps and many people were silent during the minute silence ... 40 funeral cars behind each other on the road and many people who were there, it was terrible, but what can a small country are large !
I'm still sad but it just ended Have a good evening sweetie , Love and hugs , Gerry xxx
At 1:21pm on July 23, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…
Hi dear Sue forgot THE photo l o l hugggs Anneke Made with FreeOnlinePhotoEditor.com
At 1:20pm on July 23, 2014, Cherry M said…

Hi Sue, Thanks for the message and the lovely pic. I have had a good birthday so far. It was a peaceful morning of Neil music followed by a visit from my son and his fiancée back from Cyprus. They did stay in Paphos which you mentioned, and they loved it and are as brown as berries...Bert the crazy dachshound was here too!! Now..peace has returned again...

I hope you are feeling ok today. Its very true that we value each other on this site and it hurts to lose our Alyce, she was one of the first people I had contact with when I first came to SC, and I thought she would always be around for as long as the site was. Now I feel we must stick together, bonded by our love of ND, and always remember her, the person she was and her love of Neil..

Take care and have a good evening Sue..

Love & hugs Cherry xxx

At 6:10pm on July 22, 2014, Cherry M said…

Hi Sue. Thank you for thinking of me on a sad day for SC. I will enjoy my birthday and I have a few days off work too, so I will be relaxing. Hope you are doing ok, I do value your friendship on this site. When something sad happens it proves how we all feel for one another doesn't it?

Lots of love and hugs from Cherry xxx

At 5:44pm on July 22, 2014, Trisha L said…

Hi Sue, thanks for the lovely pic of your bungalow and garden.  It's nicer than my garden which is more basic, but I am happy with mine as I wanted a low maintenance one, and because it was such a tip for a long time.  We are very lucky to have gardens, and now finally I can sit out in mine without feeling depressed!  I need a nice set of garden table and chairs for the patio, but that will have to wait for a bit!  I have attached some photos.  You will see that I now have a few shrubs and mostly mulch, some yellow edging round the beds which was done last year, and this year's job was replacing the old grey weed festooned paving with new yellow paving.  I wont tell you how much it cost, it will make my eyes water!

You may notice the ant powder round the conservatory... I had a right shock when I went in there with my mug of tea expecting a nice relaxing read, it was crawling with insects!!  I panicked and emptied a carton of ant powder in there.  The next day the gardeners said when they took up the paving they disturbed a massive ants nest.  Most of the insects were flying ants.  I dont know how they got thru the concrete floor of the conservatory!  Luckily they have gone from there but are still on the outside.

Its such sad news about Alyce, to be honest when I first saw Melissa's post I wondered if it was another hoax after Gloria, but sadly it is true.



At 10:52am on July 21, 2014, Hannie said…

Hi Sue

Gald to hear you had such a good time in London, although the weather was n't that good, at this moment it's pouring cats and dogs, but we had some real hot days the last couple of days, but boy what a humidity..pffff! Tomorrow the sun will be back again, hopefully not as hot and humid anymore.

A new week ahaead of us wish a real good one with lots of sunshine too and Neilfun

lots of huggies from Holland

hannie xx

At 11:36am on July 20, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

 photo 140586670117742.gif

Hello dear Sue ,
I bring you with this pic some coolness , It's still hot here , about 28 degrees pfft
The mood here in The Netherlands is still sad , it was such a terrible accident the people are sad !

We're gonna thinking now at going to our children eh ...we wana see them again , I hope soon ,
Have a beautiful weekend sweetie , love and hugs ,
Gerry xxx

At 4:43pm on July 18, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…

hi dear sue

its friday again and weekend again hot weather here pffff above 30

nothing for me dear hahaha i stay on my balcony out of the sun

we have here strange feelings sad about the plain and the los of so many people

and chlderen who i wish a lot of stenght and we had here for 4 days a walk from a lot of people today it was the last day normaly there is music and party but they kept it quierd and of course all the poeple did understand that but were a bit sad that in the heat they walked so much and there was nothing for them

strange feeling hey well dear want to wish you a very great weekend listen to our  neil his music is so beautifull and waiting until sept l o l huggggs anneke

At 5:54pm on July 16, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Hello dear Sue , here is our gut with that lovely smile , have a good night and sweet dreams , send you the pics tomorrow , Love and hugs , Gerry xxx

At 12:33pm on July 14, 2014, Hannie said…

Hi Sue

Hope you had a nice trip to London and the weather was good!I kept my fingers crossed for ya.At this moment we're at the lakehouse and the weather is just fabulous ,a nice breeze coming form the south/west and some sunshine.It will get hotter and humid later this week.But atleast we can cool off by taking a swimm at the lake.Have a most wonderful week my friend with lots of sunshine too.

lots of Neilhuggies


At 5:26pm on July 13, 2014, Trisha L said…

Hi Sue, I have finally had the garden finished, and now for the first time since I have been in the house I have a garden to be proud of!  The original gardener was a cowboy and laid the paving slabs very badly so I had them replaced.  Annoying as it was expensive, and if only he had done a good job I neednt have had it done.  The gardeners said that there was no grit underneath or grouting which there should have been.  The new paving looks very nice, it is a yellow colour which matches the border edging.  But they are only half the thickness of the original slabs, everything is made smaller and to a lesser standard as time goes on, even paving slabs!  The gardeners said I couldnt park a car on them, they are not strong enough, fortunately I dont have one!  So paving slabs like so many other modern things are no longer fit for purpose!

I can now, when I get the money!, put a table and chairs on the patio area, I didnt want to before as the view was so depressing!

I hope you are enjoying your garden in this lovely weather!



At 2:29am on July 13, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…
Hi dear Sue. Its still early here but i was Almost forgot to wish you a great weekend so now here for THE sunday hope youve had a great time in Londen already Back home its Soon over hey but i think you enjoyed It hope you have a great sunday Huggs Anneke Made with FreeOnlinePhotoEditor.com
At 1:56pm on July 12, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Hello dear Sue , and it's weekend again , how was your stay in that magnificent hotel , I'm very curious...it looks so pretty and rich , now home again eh I hope it's a very good weekend , here it's football again this evening but not so exciting anymore....I don't mind ...lol ...I was so nervous then , I hope you didn't walk your legs out and loved that Sightseeing ,  Have a wonderful weekend sweetie , Love and hugs , Gerry xxx

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