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At 9:15am on October 19, 2014, Christina Kathleen Ewings said…
Hi Sue, Sorry I haven't replied to any of your messages for some time, I haven't been on line for months,my 17 year old Grand-daughter who lives with me is in the process of her final school exams and spends a lot of time on the computer by the time she gets off it's sometimes midnight and I'm generally to tired by then, Can't wait to buy Neil's new c.d I heard it is in the shops here already, I will be out looking tomorrow!!! love the song Something Blue it's so catchy.It's certainly been a long wait but with all his T.V and radio appearances worth it,he was on 60 minutes Australian show tonight. I so wish I was going to one of his concert's in the U.K next year.A friend recently gave me a N.D c.d she had, called Lovescape I had never heard of it before. whilst walking past a book shop I saw this book and grabbed it "Neil Diamond is Forever" so it's been quite a N.D month. (I prefer him without a beard, but I guess he will keep it now for his tour at least)Thanks again for all your lovely messages and I hope you have a great week-end,spring and daylight saving has arrived here so time to get in the garden.
I don't think I ever answered your question re my Mum, she lives in Blackburn Lancs, I think my cousin's daughter and family live in Southampton.
At 12:55pm on October 18, 2014, Trisha L said…

Hi Sue, I wont be able to see Neil at the Palladium as I am not home till Thursday.  What a bad choice of dates I made to be away!  But I'll be able to see it on catch up.  I thought booking my ticket would be OK as I am on my sister's computer, it went through OK but then before purchase it asked for a password!  I thought omg, not another failure due to being over here.  All my passwords are at home.  So I guessed at it knowing how I structure my passwords and it worked!  Else I would have had a further delay having to obtain a new password.

Just as a matter of interest, where did you get your ticket from, Ticket Master, Live Nation or somewhere else?  I found as have others that all the good Ticket Master seats went straight away, you were very lucky to be near the front if you purchased from them!



At 12:12am on October 18, 2014, Trisha L said…

Hi Sue, did you buy a ticket for a Neil concert today?  I have got a good one for Manchester, the block near the stage about half way along, row C.  Unfortunately I made a mistake with the time difference, and went online at 3pm instead of 3am, so losing 12 hours.  My ticket is a hospitality package one, maybe if I had booked sooner I would have got front row of the block, but 3rd row back is still good.


At 2:04pm on October 17, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Hello dear Sue ,

I hope you enjoy very much with those wonderful grandchildren , here the weather is fantastic , nice and warm but sometimes a bit rain , did you could buy  your ticket ?

There is an extra concert Thu 16 London, UK, O2 Arena...just heard it...I really hope you have a ticket sweetie !

Have a great weekend ,

Love and hugs ,

Gerry xxx

At 3:56pm on October 14, 2014, Shevy The NeiliciousDiamond-Diva said…

Hello Sue-Baby Hello!

Thank-You  very  much for the  BDay  card, wish  and  the  fan...tastic pix  of  “Our  Man”.

I will be  moving to  Alberta   to  be   with  my   little  man  “Parker  Daniel.”  I’m   so  looking  forward  to  it.  I had Truli Kerri-Ann on Skype  for  an  hour and  seeing   Parker  and what  a  heartbreaker  he is  going to  be  with  the  ladies...   It feels  good to  be  29  again!   All is well   and  I   hope  all is well  with  you   and  family.  I miss  chatting with  you and   the   Girls...  Take-Care  Love  From Your  Shevy-Girl.   xx

At 1:39pm on October 13, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…
Here he is Sweet Sue xxxxxxMade with FreeOnlinePhotoEditor.com
At 1:35pm on October 13, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…
Hi dear Sue
Did you know that s c is changing today to another site only i can t get in Gerry neighter
Pfff all THE changed are not good changed ey but we know now Neil is your way and ours
In june woooow Sweet we gonna See him again iTS amazing here in THE ziggo dome iTS big he can sing for 17000 man wooow want to wish you a very Great evening
Oeps d d n t copyright my photo on THE i pad sent you later dear hugggs Anneke
At 12:54pm on October 12, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Hello dear Sue , I had a weekend pic but had to change it in a week wish ...lol...there was no time anymore to put it on the site ...I must going to two birthdays yesterday , thank you for that beautiful photo from little Sidney , he is so cute and grows so fast ..it's time to see them soon eh I hope the weather is still nice then to look for conkers , that would be nice with the children , you count down already I suspect , have a wonderful  evening and we have not waiting so long anymore for the new cd eh but I want him actually today ...lol ,,hope to speak you soon again sweetie , Love and hugs , Gerry  xxx

At 8:34pm on October 6, 2014, MM said…

Oh thank you Sue for the birthday wish and I love the picture!  I'm going crazy over his new songs and the pics are a great reminder of them.  Many Thanks and hugs!!!  MM

At 5:21pm on October 6, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…

hi dear sue

i sent a message in and saw there was no photo wooowww thats not so nice after you sent me such a beauty wish i could dance with him in strickly l o l want to wish you a very great week love the photo s love your page other roses???????????hugggs anneke

At 1:20pm on October 6, 2014, Trisha L said…

Hi Sue, thanks for pix of you kitchen, it looks lovely, I feel most envious!  I still have the original kitchen the builders put in when the house was new 22 years ago, it is basic as you can imagine.  I could do with a fabulous new one, but don't know if I will ever have the money.  I just love the Home Show, where people have a complete transformation of their houses for tens of thousands of pounds, and seeing all their lovely kitchens makes me want a new one!  Sorry to hear about delays with the builders, but the main thing is they did a good job and weren't cowboys.



At 6:33am on October 6, 2014, Hannie said…

Hi Sue

A beautiful pic of a beautiful man for ya Sue! Can't wait for the new CD to come out, and what about an European tour. I know for sure he'll start touring Europe too.Is n't it great neil is in your country right now.A couple of my dutch friends went to England for to see him in London.How excting..are you going to be there too Sue?

Well my friend wish a most beautiful week with lots of Neilpleasure.

big Neilhugsssssssssss

Hannie xx

At 5:58am on October 6, 2014, Trisha L said…

Hi Sue, love your page!  Have you made any changes to your garden for Autumn? We've had a great summer, warm weather and blue skies, I have loved it, unfortunately so have the spiders which are apparently bigger than ever, and one of the biggest was in  my lounge last night!  After battling unsuccessfully to overcome my fear, I couldn't walk past it to get to the kitchen which was going to cause problem, I asked the guy next door to get rid of it!  He said his daughter was just the same, which was a nice thing to say so I didn't feel too stupid!  I am flying to the US tomorrow, cant believe its here at last, its just a shame it's when Neil is in the UK.



At 4:29am on October 6, 2014, Stephen said…

Hi Sue, We live on the 'sunny' Isle of Wight so we are almost neighbours.  Awaiting news of a  UK tour, I hope he announces it whilst he is here this week, so waiting with baited breath.  Pre-sale tickets go on sale today for NY concert in March and we are considering combining a tour of NY and possible cruise with this concert.  Wish we had all info on UK though.


At 4:23pm on October 4, 2014, Anneke van Aalderen-Koster said…

hi dear sue

wowowowow sue what a week songs from neil next week he is in a show on bbc 1

woooow girl go to the studio and hug him hahaha want to wish you a very great

weekend i am late its saturday in the evening but we have a sunday too was very busy do youalso look at t v strickly come dancing i follow that a few years now for a lot of weeks love dancing love the programm enjoy your evening and sunday sweety huggggs anneke

At 9:59am on October 4, 2014, Mags said…
Sue- if you haven't already buy today's Daily Mail- 2 page interview with Neil :) I posted a link on the site - nice interview.
At 2:05pm on October 3, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Hello dear Sue ,

I wish you a fantastic weekend , here it is a beautiful and warm day , tomorrow also but after tomorrow it will be colder , I made this time something else but an Autumn photo too , is all alright at home , I sent you an e-mail today or tomorrow , enjoy your evening sweetie , Love and hugs , Gerry xxx

At 3:50pm on October 2, 2014, Phil Simpson said…
Thank -you Sue for responding to my friend request.Yes I have loved this guy since a teenager I first saw him on top of the pops in the 70's and that was me smitten.He was such a gorgeous young man with his long wavy hair.I last saw him in concert in 2012 at Hampden Park Glasgow ,and have been watching and waiting for news of his next tour. I do HOPE he comes to the UK again. It's been nice speaking to you Sue, Take care Phil xx
At 7:16pm on October 1, 2014, Gerry-girl said…

Me too Sue but here is that pic for you sweetie , sweet dreams , I'm going to sleep now ...late again...lol , Love and hugs , Gerry xxx

At 6:31pm on October 1, 2014, Christine said…

Thanks Sue, the power of positive thought will get him to us and he talks about travelling the world so fingers crossed. Sweet dreams xxx

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